Rongxin Ouyang / 欧阳荣鑫

Jan 1, 2020
Major in Communication, working as a PM now. Please feel free to call me Reynard. Looking for PhD vacancies in social impacts of technology, digital inequality, platform labor, or computational social science.
Major in Communication, working as a PM now. Please feel free to call me Reynard. : ) Looking for PhD vacancies in social impacts of technology, digital inequality, platform labor, or computational social science.


2022 (in progress), Digital Reproduction of Inequality: Exploring Online Social Capital in GitHub China, (TBD) - 2020, Inequality of Online Social Capital: Evidence from GitHub in China, IAMCR Annual Conference (respondent & member) - 2019, Decentralization? Large-scale SNA on an Open Source Community, the Annual Conference of China Computational Communication Research Association
Inequality has been the most attractive issue to me for years since high school. In this project, I used a mixed approach (individually & structurally) to investigate antecedents of an online form of social-economical inequality migrated from offline society. This paper is also my master dissertation at PKU, which has received positive feedbacks from the committee.
2020, Reshaping Time and Space: A Study on Algorithm Mediated Platform Labor, Zhejiang Academic Journal (CSSCI) - 2020, award: Qihao Award of New Media Study - 2020, fully reprinted: Theoretical Economics, Information Center For Social Science Of RUC (CSSE, normally treated as CSSCI) - 2019, Learning to Take Orders: Time and Space Research on Algorithm Mediated Online Labor, The Fifth Internet Anthropology Conference - 2019, Algorithm Mediated Platform Labor, a CNSS funded national project
Participants and I was wondering: how would our labour relationships change if platform, which had drawn much “power”(in Castell’s views) from network superiority, served as a common pattern of gig works (“platformization”). This public, CNSS funded research has some positive social consequences and, to some extend, changed my life and world views.
2019, Exploring Gamification in Star-chasing on Social Media, Tsinghua University Journalism & Communication Doctoral Students Forum
Gamification has been intendedly or unconsciously used far more commonly than before in Chinese Internet products. Inspired by Homo Ludens, Huizinga.


2018-2021, Peking University Journalism & Communication (minor, Finance), MA Dissertation Topic: Digital Inequality in Online Communities
- Graduate Student Scholarship - DaShiXing Academic Scholarship - Outstanding Graduates - Merit Student
2014-2018, China University of Political Science and Law Journalism (minor, Law), BA Dissertation Topic: Literature Review on Internet Personas
- China National Scholarship - China National Encouragement Scholarship - MinJianHaiDian Social Scholarship - The First Prize Scholarship - Outstanding Graduates - Merit Student


2021-Now, Product Manager , OPPO
Optimization of app downloading experience, migrating A/B abilities to the middle platform, game revenue, governance.
2020-2021, Product Manager (Internship), Kuaishou
Design of video clipping features (subtitles, stabilisation, etc.), strategy from data analytics, data-driven product analysis.


Communication - Chinese, native, the first level of Mandarin - English, second, IELTS 7.0 (9.0 in reading, min 6.0) - Spanish, interest, entry level
Programming - Python, especially in data analysis and web scraping - Vue.js (JavaScript) - R


Courses Communication Studies New Media and Society (4.0); Visual Communications (4.0); Media Convergence, Mass Cultural Studies; Communication Theory; Technology, Communication, and Innovation; Research on Online Public Opinion Methodology in Social Science Social Research Methods (GPA 4.0/4.0); Research on Future Media (4.0) Math, Computer and Data Science Business Mathematics - Math (4.0), Business Mathematics - Statistics, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning for Finance, Artificial Intelligence
Teaching Assistant New Media and Society; Social Research Methods; Applied Data Analytics


Machine Learning / Data Analysis - Weibo Behavior Prediction, a competition by Alibaba (Top 5%, globally) - Cancel or Not? Predictive Analysis for Hotel Booking Data, a homework project
Programming / Open-source Contribution - Notion-help-bot, the first Notion-backend chatbot framework worldwide - Fanyibot, an automatic translation bot for any language on Telegram - Calibre, a well-known e-book manager (tiny contribution) - Nobelium, a widely used Notion-backend blog system (tiny contribution)



Email: GitHub: reycn

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